Blue Mischief (Trial version)

Type: Health System (with Super Attacks)

Release Date: ??? (Full Game: 2002)

Developer: Team Wing

Available On: PC

Gameplay System

Blue Mischief is a Platform Fighter that uses a very simple Health system with Super attacks mixed in, along with a menagerie of other unique mechanics not often seen in Platform Fighters. Among these include air dashing, real time character switching and 6 player matches. The trial version of the game only features (from what I have found) 4 playable characters, 1 of which must be unlocked by playing through the game once.

The full version, according to what I’ve found, has ten playable characters; 6 main characters (including the 4 in the trial) with 4 extra characters (these are the regular enemies that are found in the story mode and they are less “complete” than the main playable characters).


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