The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: The Videogame (2006/2007)

Type: Arena Fighter (3D)

Release Date: 2006, 2007 for the Wii PAL release

Developer: High Voltage Software (Console), Full Fat (GBA release)

Available On: Wii, PS2, GBA

Gameplay System

Mechanics Breakdown
-There are two attack buttons; Light Attack and Heavy Attack (and there are air variations). There is a Grab button, a Dash button (and a Dash attack) and an Interaction button. There is a Mojo Attack available through the Mojo Attack system. There is no blocking in the game.

Basic Attacks
-The grounded light attack is a basic four hit combo
-The ground heavy attack is a slow but powerful strike that can knock opponents away.
-The air light attack is a single hit in the air that can knock opponents away
-The air heavy attack is a universal ground pound for all characters that can knock opponents away.
-The heavy attack can be chained into from the Light Attack combo
-The dash attack is a quick attack done out of a dash that can be chained into the grounded light attack. A character can be left open if they miss with a dash attack.

Other Moves
-The grab button allows you to use items, and most attack items have a light or heavy attack. You may also grab enemies and throw them. It is possible to break out of grabs by mashing the light attack button.

-The interact button allows you to perform with certain stage elements. On the Chicken and Colosseum levels, you can use the button to access a ride-able robot while on other levels, like Valhalla and the third tier of the Halloween stage, they may be used to access turrets that players can control.

-Players are able to perform recovery rolls after they are knocked down. To do this, simply push forward in any direction. Your character will then roll in any direction while fully invincible. It is possible to cancel your either by jumping or picking up items. You can also cancel the roll at any time with an attack (even on a roll-less wakeup), though this is not a safe option by any means; if an enemy is already attacking, you cannot take advantage of roll invincibility to attack them mid-combo, as their attacks will have more priority/your iframes will wear off before your attack comes out.

-The Mojo system is where you collect Mojo Orbs that drop randomly from either stage hazards or item spawning. Mojo Orbs can also be hit out of players using specific items. When enough Mojo Orbs are collected, a Mojo Attack may be performed. Mojo Attacks come in two levels:
-The first level of Mojo Attack is an unblockable combo that will drain all of an opponent’s health to 0 before KO’ing a player. This Mojo Attack can be broken out of if the player uses their own Mojo Attack before being KO’d, however, whatever damage is taken by the player during the Mojo Attack animation is retained even if they break out of the move. Essentially, break out of a Mojo Attack early or you will stage extreme damage.
-The second level of Mojo Attack is a full screen super that will KO all enemy characters at least once. The attack is unavoidable and cannot be broken out of, but it requires twice as much Mojo Orbs to perform.
-It is possible to miss your first level Mojo Attack and missing it will penalize you by removing 1 Orb’s worth of Mojo (forcing you to build it back up again)


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