PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (2012)

Type: Platform Fighter (Super System)

Release Date: November 21, 2012

Developer: Superbot

Available On: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (Cross-Play Enabled)

Mechanics Breakdown:

PSBR uses a similar framework to the Super Smash Bros series, but with a major differing mechanic, known as the Super System, among many other smaller tweaks that completely change the flow of gameplay. Rather than a normal fighter where every hit brings a match closer to its end, the game is like a race in two parts. The first part is to build meter, with the sub-goal of draining your opponents meters. The second part is to land each character’s unique set of super moves.

While there are common complaints of most character’s attacks being pointless because of this system, this is an incorrect observation. In order to reach the second point, you must be fighting, using your regular moves, in the first place. Regular grabs in the game also serve the purpose of draining you or your opponent’s meter. Additionally, your normal regular moves still matter in the second part as landing the super “raw” (without the use of kill confirms, specific set ups or reads) is very difficult.


-There are three different attack buttons (Square, Triangle and Circle), with four different directions (Neutral, Side, Down and Up) with air variations. Some characters may also have extra moves (Emmett, depending on the weapon he is holding, will have different attacks for his Triangle and Circle inputs). Most of the movesets in the game are very unique and follow their own rules, but there is a hidden rule underneath all character movesets.

Square attacks are almost always close ranged/melee oriented strikes (this rule applies even for the zoning characters like Emmett or Radec).

Triangle attacks are tools specific to a character’s playstyle (zoning characters will almost always have projectiles on triangle, while rushdown characters will have offensive tools, like PaRappa’s dive-kick skateboard, or Big Daddy’s armored tackle).

Circle attacks are the unique, oddball moves. There are some recurring moves like Counters (Kratos, Raiden, Dante), Mines (Sly, Sweet Tooth), Assists (Ratchet, Fat Princess, Jak) and AP Generators (Emmett, PaRappa). But there are many other unique moves, like Kat’s Debris, Jak’s Anti-Gravity Gun, Drake’s Cover Summon, Ratchet’s Sniper and so on.

-Unlike Smash, where there are directional Tilts and Smashes, there are only directional attacks. There is also no (universal) dash attack as there are no universal dashes; only a few characters, like Cole and Kat, have command dashes.


-There are similarly three different grab moves. Up Grab, Down Grab and Side Grab. All grabs in the game drain AP from opponents (except for vanilla Jak’s down grab, which was bugged and generated AP in opponents instead). AP drain functions under the rule that the closer you are to your next super, the more AP is drained with a grab. Some characters may combo from a grab (Jak), others may get easy opportunities from them (Ratchet). Later characters had unique grabs such as Kat’s 2 sided grab, or Isaac’s projectile reflecting grab.
-Unlike Smash, there is no “grab-state”. You cannot pummel enemies or choose the direction they are thrown in. Once an opponent interacts with a player’s grabbing animation, they are immediately put into a throw animation.


-Blocking is similar on a surface level to Smash. You can roll forwards or backwards out of a block. This is where the similarities end. Blocking has no timer; you can block infinitely. There is no sidestep. Your block can be thrown out of, but you can also be thrown out of dodge rolls. Blocked attacks will still give the attacker AP (only a little bit though). There are proper guard break attacks (like Jak’s charged up Concusser, or Spike’s dash strike) but you cannot be 


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